Herodotus Helpline seminars: September to December 2022

The Herodotus Helpline seminar series starts again on 28 September. The series of online seminars is hosted by Professor Tom Harrison (University of St Andrews) and Dr Jan Haywood (Leicester University).

The seminar is open to all. To become a member and receive regular zoom links, please join the Helpline. All sessions take place at 6pm GMT.


  • 28 September: Jan Haywood (Leicester)
    Human and divine action in Herodotus’ Histories
  • 5 October: Reading Session (Hdt. 6.52-60)
  • 12 October: tbc
  • 19 October: Reading Session
  • 26 October: Larisa Ficulle (St Andrews)
    Through the lens of tradition: Herodotus and the historians of the age of Justinian 
  • 2 November: NO SEMINAR (Bodrum conference) 
  • 9 November: Reading Session
  • 16 November: Alex Tarbet (Michigan)
    Blind Pharaohs and Greek Seekers: Herodotus meets an Egyptian 
  • 23 November: Scarlett Kingsley (Agnes Scott)
    Looking to the end: Herodotus and translatio imperii
  • 30 November (St Andrew’s Day): Annual General Meeting
  • 7 December: Flavia Frisone (Salento)
    Title to be confirmed

[updated: 23/9/2022]

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