Congratulations to Alastair Lumsden

Congratulations to Alastair Lumsden on the outcome of his PhD examination! Alastair’s thesis explored Cisalpine masculinity and warfare over the period c. 400-50 BC by skilfully combining literary, iconographic and artefactual evidence with new sociological models. A statistical analysis was undertaken of the composition of weapon burials from the largest and best-documented Gallic necropoleis in Cispadane and Transpadane Gaul. This employed…

Castelo De Cuncos: Archaeology in the Alentejo

By: Alex Elliott I am a first year PhD student in the School of Classics at St Andrews. Alongside my studies, for the past five years I have also worked on various archaeological projects in the Alentejo region of Portugal in a variety of roles working my way up from field student to excavation supervisor….