Congratulations to James Crooks

James Crooks has been awarded funding by CAPOD for his “Nearly Experts” podcast series, in which he hosts PhD students from a variety of subjects and backgrounds. In each interview, the postgraduates introduce their research to the public, talking about their thesis and the work that goes into it.

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Hallvard Indgjerd wins Fitch Bursary Award

HallvardHallvard Indgjerd has been awarded the Fitch Bursary Award for 2017-18 from the British School at Athens. Hallvard is working on a study of Late Roman and Byzantine pottery from Naxos and the Lesser Cyclades in Greece, and the award will help fund his petrographic analysis at the Fitch Laboratory in Athens. By looking at thin-sections of ceramic samples through a polarising microscope, we can gain knowledge about clay composition, provenance, production technology, and intended use of the pottery.

Congratulations Hallvard!

Impact award for Jon Hesk and Ralph Anderson

Left to right: Jon Hesk, Ralph Anderson

Congratulations to Jon Hesk and Ralph Anderson , who have been awarded a grant from the University’s Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund. The grant will fund continued work on a project called  ‘Greek drama in the Community’ involving work among others with with local schools and theatre groups.  In particular, Jon and Ralph will collaborate with The Byre Youth Theatre’s Adult Collaborative Performance Group via  a series of workshops as the group devises it own modern ‘take’ on the genre of Greek Tragedy.

Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship for Christopher Smith

Christopher SmithCongratulations to Christopher Smith who has just been awarded a three-year Leverhulme Major Research fellowship from October 2017 to work on a book project entitled ‘The Roman Kings: A Study in Archaeology, History and Power’.

Christopher has been on secondment as Director of the British School at Rome since October 2009: we are looking forward to welcoming him back to the School next year.

Leverhulme award for Jason König

Jason KönigCongratulations to Professor Jason König, who has won a Leverhulme award for his project ‘Mountains in ancient literature and culture and their postclassical reception’. The award includes funding for a three-year postdoctoral researcher (to work on the reception elements of the project) and also a year’s leave for Jason himself.

AHRC Research Leadership award for Myles Lavan

medium (2)Myles Lavan has won an AHRC Leadership Fellowship for his project Probabilistic Approaches to Uncertainty in Pre-Modern History. The project aims to demonstrate that probabilistic modes of analysis that are widely used by scientists, economists and others to manage uncertainty about the future can be powerful tools for historians grappling with uncertainty about the past. The Fellowship will cover two years of research leave to produce new, probabilistic studies of several problems in Roman history. It will also fund a series of workshops to bring scholars from different fields together discuss and develop probabilistic and other new approaches to uncertainty in history.

Myles Lavan wins BA/Leverhulme funding for Roman citizenship project

medium (2)Myles Lavan has won a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for a project on Roman Citizenship from Hadrian to Alexander Severus  in collaboration with Clifford Ando at the University of Chicago. The project will explore the significance of Roman citizenship before and after Caracalla’s universal grant of 212/213 CE in the light of Myles’ recent work on the scale of enfranchisement before Caracalla. The grant will fund a series of workshops which will bring together researchers with a range of technical and regional expertise to re-examine the significance of citizenship and enfranchisement in different areas of the empire.