A WaMStA symposium, 24 May – 26 May 2023

TRANSFORMATIONS is a 3-day symposium hosted by the St Andrews/William & Mary Joint Degree Programme. It is designed to bring together faculty members from both institutions to share current and future research projects and to explore ways in which their various interests might lead to fruitful collaborations. 

The theme of the symposium is ‘transformations’ – a concept that not only speaks to how we have had to adapt to challenging and evolving conditions in recent years, but also inspires thoughts of renovation, of ‘making over’, of revolution. Our joint degree programme, which consists in a meeting of different pedagogies and a bringing together of diverse disciplines and research subjects, is itself an apposite site for transformative thinking, and we are pleased to have presentations on this theme from across the participating and supporting disciplines of the joint degree programme: Classics, Economics, English, History, International Relations, and Modern Languages, plus Biology.

All are welcome to attend the presentations.

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