Herodotus Helpline: new series begins 29 September


The Herodotus Helpline is a series of online seminars hosted by Professor Tom Harrison (University of St Andrews) and Dr Jan Haywood (Open University).

The seminar is open to all. To register to become a member and receive regular zoom links, please email herodotushelpline @gmail.com . All sessions take place at 6pm GMT.*

Schedule: Autumn 2021

29 September:   Elton Barker (Open University)
Losing one’s spirit: a case of Homeric intertextuality in Herodotus?

6 October:   François Hartog (EHESS, Paris)
Retrospective: Le Miroir d’Hérodote

13 October:  Jordan Bayley (Newcastle)
From children to philosophers: mapping and measuring the impact of Herodotus in the long nineteenth century

20 October:  Elizabeth Irwin (Columbia)
The wife of Intaphernes

3 November: Giorgia Proietti (Trento)
Herodotus, the Persian wars, and the Greeks’ intentional (hi)stories

10 November:   Carmen Soares (Coimbra)
Death, nomos, and anomia in Herodotus

17 November:  Marco Ferrario (Trento)
Dam it! Herodotus in Chorasmia between Darius I and Fayzulla Xo’jaev

24 November: Suzanne Marchand (Louisiana State)
Herodotus, Historian of the People of Israel, without knowing it

1 December: Edith Foster (Wooster College)
Devastation and plundering of land in Herodotus and Thucydides

8 December: Alexander Meeus (Mannheim)
Herodotos’ source citations: the old building blocks of a (not quite) new solution

*NB: during Daylight Saving time, this translates into 7pm in the UK, etc.: Daylight Saving ends on the first Sunday in November (7 November) in the US and Canada; the last Sunday of October (31 October) in most other northern hemisphere countries.

In the southern hemisphere, Daylight Saving starts in New Zealand on the last Sunday in September (26 September), the first Sunday in October (3 October) in Australia.

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