Congratulations to Maria Merino Jaso

Congratulations to Maria Merino Jaso, who recently successfully defended her PhD thesis. Her thesis, co-supervised between the School of Classics, and Mediaeval History, presented the first translation into English of a poetic exchange between Peter of Pisa and Paul the Deacon, two Lombard scholars who were part of the court of Charlemagne in the 780s. This exchange, comprised of six poetic epistles, reveals that Peter, Paul, and Charlemagne were involved in an intellectual competition in which they teased each other with riddles. The ultimate aim of this project was to obtain the most comprehensive understanding possible regarding these poems: from the historical and literary context in which they were written and the relationship between their authors, to what these poems actually meant and what kind of building blocks Peter and Paul used to compose them. For this reason, the translations are accompanied by a long introduction and a commentary; the former deals with contextual matters, gradually narrowing the scope of analysis, while the latter focuses on matters of philology and parallels with classical and late-antique authors.

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