Spotlight on… Ruaraidh Maciver


Salvete omnes! I’m Ruaraidh Maciver, and I am the current School of Classics president. I am a third year Ancient and Mediaeval History student, and very much look forward to getting to know you all as the year goes on!

In my time here, I have taken modules in Classical Studies, Ancient History and Greek. I was also the Class Rep for Ancient History in my first and second years, as well as the careers representative for the department at the same time. My primary aim for this year is to further improve student representation and inclusivity in the school. As Classics President, I act as the student representative for the School of Classics on several committees, so please do get in touch if you have any problems!

My own area of particular interest is political and military history of early Imperial Rome, and the Empire’s gradual transformation in the Late Antique period.

Outside of academia, I am involved in numerous societies and clubs. This year I am the Co-Editor in Chief for the St Andrews Economist, having previously been a regional editor and writer. I was also actively involved in the Investment Society here, being a regional analyst and frequently composing regional macroeconomic reports. I have a keen interest in archaeology, having been on several digs, and am also a part of the Student Archaeological Society here, having served as the Classics rep in my first year. I am also a Christian, and regularly attend Christian Union events as well!

I hope you all have a fantastic year, and if you ever want to talk, do not hesitate to email me or say hello if you see me around town!

Ruaraidh Maciver

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