Centre for Late Antique Studies is launched

cl_ss-cosma-e-damiano-mosaic-170x152The Centre for Late Antique Studies was officially launched Friday, 26 February, with a talk by Prof. Bryan Ward-Perkins (Oxford), on “Documenting the emergence of the cult of saints: possibilities and challenges”. The talk presented the material and main issues driving Prof. Ward-Perkins’ new Research Project on the development and spread of the Cult of Saints from its origins to AD 700. This was a fitting topic for the opening of the Centre, an initiative that brings together scholars from different academic Schools within the University of St Andrews, including Classics, History, Divinity and Modern Languages.

St Andrews is home to a lively community of researchers (both staff and post-graduate students) dealing with the period that stretches from AD 250 to 800, and the Centre is the first of its kind in Scotland. Members of the Centre are organizing conferences and other events for the near future, and we hope that the Centre will help to make the St Andrews late antique community even livelier than it already is.


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