Congratulations to Steve Nyamilandu

img-20151218-00145Congratulations to Steve Nyamilandu, Lecturer in Latin at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, for passing his PhD, ‘Contextualising Classics Teaching in Malawi: a Comparative Study’. In this work, Steve traces the history of Classics teaching in Malawi before presenting and analysing various measures of the subject’s contemporary health, purpose and reputation; the comparative element in the thesis draws on analysis of similar issues in a wide variety of other institutions, including some in the UK, the USA and Africa, some of which Steve visited in person. Steve was supervised jointly by his home University and the School of Classics at St Andrews, as part of the co-tutelle arrangement between the two Universities; Steve’s study included two spells at Swallowgate, where amongst other things, he was able to research the important contribution to Malawian classics made by the late Robin Ogilvie, Professor of Latin at St Andrews, who served as an academic consultant to Hastings Banda, President of Malawi (1961-1997).


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