Lucretius ‘On the Nature of the Universe’

Tellus magazine has published two poems by Dr Emma Gee, based on extracts from Lucretius’ “On the Nature of the Universe” .

tellus-iss6-wThe Universe is Chaos (excerpt)

“The world is full of anarchy – just look around.
not everything aspires towards the middle:
things within earth’s sphere of influence
might to the eye wrap round a central point:
earth and water and the sea’s meniscus
fed by mountain torrents;
but gamine fire and slender breath of air
strain like rebellious kids to break away
from parent sea and earth…”

(On the Nature of the Universe 1.1083-1113)

The complete poems “The Universe is Chaos” and “Hidden Motion” appear in issue 6 of Tellus, available from their website.

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