Spotlight on… Maxwell Fabiszewski

(c) Maxwell Fabiszewski
(c) Maxwell Fabiszewski

Salvete! My name is Maxwell Fabiszewski and I am a third year Classics major as well as the current Undergraduate President of the Classics Department. I am also the teaching assistant for Latin 1002 as part of a pilot programme to teach our introductory language classes in spoken Latin and spoken Greek. This opportunity came about from a tutoring program I started last semester between Honours and Sub-honours students, and I am having a lot of fun as well as learning a lot in the process. This year in Classics we are also working on reorganizing and updating our school library and hope this semester to transition our project from behind the scenes to the library shelves in order to make some noticeable strides. Outside our department, I serve on the Student Association’s Education Committee as the Undergraduate President for the Faculty of Arts § Divinity which has been a very rewarding way to connect the school presidents system to the larger university government. In short, I really have a great feel now for how everything runs in the university! I hope to utilize all of these wonderful experiences after graduation since I would love to pursue a career in education. I am specifically interested in Latin literature and classical reception and intend to pursue graduate studies with the goal of teaching Classics in the future.

I am from Maryland in the United States, where I used to work at my local fire department as the officer of our ambulance, but my passion for Classics brought me to our wonderful department here in St. Andrews back in 2011. I love modern language as well as ancient and this past summer participated in an immersion program in Siena, Italy to better my Italian. This summer I am very excited to be taking a rapid reading course in German. For now I am happy to be back on campus for a new semester, having just completed over the winter break a travel-study program throughout Greece on the Bronze Age led by Harvard University and the Center for Hellenic Studies. I am always available to be contacted by email about anything Classics related or about anything from my post!

– Maxwell J. Fabiszewski, Undergraduate President, School of Classics, University of St. Andrews

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